The ClicMerch story

After working in the restaurant industry for over 15 years I always had major gripes when it came to either selling merchandise or branding my employees properly.

 Major gripes include:

  • Way too expensive to set up a retail store
  • Need a "web guy" to operate the online store
  • Graphic artists are way too expensive
  • Merchandise always requires minimum purchase quantities to get a deal
  • Continually running out of the most popular sized shirts and needing to reorder more costing even more money!
  • Everything sits on a shelf and gathers dust or grease
  • End up giving away most of the merchandise for free because of a lack of display space
  • Never able to just get one or two shirts for a new hire with the brand on it at an affordable price
  • Merch is just a major pain in the ass which no one has time for

 Tired of being frustrated, I came up with a solution to handle all of these issues with little to no impact on a small business operators allowing them more time to focus on their business.

 The ClicMerch Solution:

  • NO minimum purchases required
  • You can purchase ONE item at a time for new hires or for replacement merchandise for current employees
  • You can purchase ANY number of merch items you desire for new-openings or branding of employees
  • You can easily supply shirts or apparel when sponsoring local sports teams etc
  • You can finally have your own retail selling page helping to advertise your business and generate extra income
  • You will never run out of the most popular sizes. EVER!
  • You don’t need a “web guy”
  • You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on graphic artists
  • This solution will work for your business. No matter the type.

 We currently provide services for:

  • The construction industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Insurance industry
  • Tech industry
  • Property Management Companies
  • Retail food companies
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Music industry
  • Sports teams
  • Clubs: Gun Clubs, Car Clubs, Motorcycle Clubs

 So, if you’re fed up with trying to manage your merchandise, please take a minute and call us at ClicMerch. We are here to help you succeed with your brand and your merchandise.


Rod Dupen